Saturday, 26 June 2010

No Sign of Slowing Down

I have had an extremely busy couple of weeks and there is no sign of it slowing down. My Life so far has been a round of meeting, organising events, writing reports and essays. My house looks like, well I can't even describe what it looks like, my vacuum cleaner is broken yet again, and I don't even have time to shop, so its on my knees with a little hand held vacuum cleaner.

Cares Week was brilliant, I will tell you more about it another time.

I have finished and posted off my first custom made item from Etsy, I will post is on my blog once the buyer has received it, I don't think its fair that you get to see it before her.

I have had not time to sew but I hope to start making some summer dresses to put in my Etsy Shop hopefully before the summer ends.

Love to all and thank you for stopping by and saying hello. xxxxx

Monday, 14 June 2010

First Custom Made Order

Another week and I am shattered, its not even the end of the week.
Highlights, no lets start with the low spot, only one, and its pretty low, no pretty is not the best word to describe this. A close friend of the family son only 25 years was murdered. Its kind of hard to accept when it hits so close to home. The family is comping remarkably well considering the circumstances

Now the highlights.
Its Carers week. and one of the project I manage support Carer who care for people who are experiencing mental health, these carers are unpaid carers, such as family members, neighbours or friends, and to celebrate the dedication and hard work of these Carers, I will be hosting a very ambitious event, which I am pleased to say is already booked, plus I will be attending several exhibition and conferences during the week hosted by other organisation, you know the drill, loads of preparations, presentation, leaflets printing, packing displays yah di yah di yah.

Secondly I have submitted a proposal for a new project this morning, fingers crossed it is accepted, it was accepted last year and I am hoping they will see the value of this new proposal, last year it regular massage and anxiety management session to carers and this proposal will be to provide musical entertainment to carers who never or very rarely get an opportunity to enjoy live music.

Always save the best till last

I have my first custom order on Etsy. Ooooh I AM SO EXCITED. Its for the GREEN APPLIQUE SKIRT, but the buyer has chosen different colours and has trusted me to choose them. This is the best bit about custom made, I get to indulge in what I like best, buying fabric. You know if fabric was was edible like chocolate, I would be in heaven, and I am pretty close to it now. Its an all wool skirt, Yeh I know its summer where you are, but I tend to forget that some of us are just starting our winter. I will be posting the completed skirt once I have finished it so watch this. Here is a sneak preview of the colour.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Why Do I Blog - Spreading the Love

Well that’s simple, it’s to brag about my passion and to share it with like minded people. In my journey in the blogging world I have found an amazing community and it has been a privilege to share a bit of myself and read the thought, feelings and experiences of other bloggers.

When I follow a blog I try to connect with people who are also passionate about their blog are authentic and interesting.

debbie loves living in the carolinas is one of those interesting bloggers who is definitely passionate about what she does, She inspires others to get out there and do, and to take pride in what what they have achieved. I connected to her blog because I loved looking at the post of her beautiful home and now I am hooked. Take a look at debbie loves living in the carolinas I will be very surprised if you are not impressed.