Saturday, 30 July 2011

Xanadu Linen Top

Check out this new addition in my shop, a cute and comfy linen top just perfect for your summer wardrobe.
This Xanadu Linen Top features a panel front with pretty pleating detail at neckline and side slits.
This stunning easy to wear sleeveless top will not only keep you cool, it will look great paired with jeans or a maxi skirt.
The Xanadu Linen Top is available for custom order

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Learning from Experience

I did a craft fair over the weekend, what a waste of time, well not quite.

I met some lovely crafter and enjoyed hearing their stories. Also it was great browsing through their products. As always it was good hearing from others positive feedback about my products. But quite discouraging as I didn’t sell anything, and sadly I was not the only one, all the other crafters had a bad day.
Having spent the first day slowing losing the will to live, I decided that I was not coming back on the Sunday, although I had already paid for my stand, but I figured the cost of petrol, wear and tear on my car, food and drink, and taking nothing was too high a price to pay to stand and not even give out one business card. But stupidly I changed my mind because the organizers decided to take the entrance fee for the public away.

Lets me explain, everything was right for this fair, the location was great as there was an established craft village nearby, entrance to which was free, and the craft fair was part of a Kio exhibition. On the second day there was a car and boot sale. So what went wrong, the organizers were charging £5.00 entry fee, consequently the people who came in were not here for craft, some if not most of them hardly gave us a side way glance, they were there for the Koi.

As most of us decided that we were not coming back on the second day, to appease us the orgnansier decided move the entrance kiosk, which would mean that anyone could browse the craft without having to pay but pay to an entrance fee to see the Koi exhibition. However on the Sunday we were told that they had changed their mind. I wish I had walked out, as had one of the crafters, but sadly I stayed and finally along with most of the crafters walked packed up early and headed home.

I have done a couple of fairs over this year and I have learned a lot along the way. I am now recognizing the ones that match my products; this is a combination of things, such as the client group, the area, the location and attitude of organizers.

This was a good learning experience and although I would rather not to have done it, it was good, because I now recognize the fairs that match my product; what I need to be aware of when booking a fair, such as the likely client group, which will depend on the area, the location and attitude of the organizers.

This has not put me off as I will be attending the Wells next the Sea Craft Fair on Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th August, so if you are in the area come by and say hello.

Wells next the Sea Beach Huts
Have you done any fairs? Have you attended any fairs? What has been your experience?

Thursday, 21 July 2011

1950s Inspired Collection

I love the 1950s era as it epitomizes grace and elegance, while being flamboyant and glitzy, as depicted by movie stars, Audrey Hepburn in breakfast at Tiffany’s and Grace Kelly.  
This fashion era has been the inspiration for my latest creations, which will all be available in my Etsy shop for custom order only.
Dress these up by adding red lipstick, pearls and high heel plus a lot of attitude and you too can be a true 50s diva. 
Rhapsody Full Circle Skirt
Rhapsody is a vintage inspired full circle skirt, made in a bright floral fabric with hues of aqua, red and green.
A stunning skirt full of stylish details

This dress is a simple classic, made up in this amazing bold dove grey print. Layer with a frothy petticoat to achieve a fuller look and you are ready to rock and roll


This is my favourite, reminiscent of Mad Men. I love the bold print with detail pockets V front and back neckline and contrast belt to extenuate the waist

The Forest Green Print skirt and the Merry Go Round skirt is a shorter version of the Rhapsody Skirt.
The Merry go Round was a custom order for a client, she choose the fabric, you may recognize it from my shop (the Merry Go Round Sundress), I must admit I would not have even considered this fabric for the skirt, but I must say it really look great.

I would love to hear what you think, which one is you favourite, which one would you wear.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Celebrating Creativity on CCH2

Etsy is full of amazing creative artist and over the past couple of weeks, these guys have been promoting me. Well not only me but each other.  Selling on line is hardwork and its good that we are able to support each other by promoting through our social netwoks.

I have listed a couple of the items from these shops, if you click on the images it will take you to the shop where you will find much much more, and maybe, just maybe something that takes your fancy. If you do I would love to hear about it.
Crochet Pattern by Guruniorma

Pearl Strand Braclet by Marlilyn1545

Neclace by Zen25

Moth Rock Art by Tabachin

Silk Wrap Braclet by LuluLuxDesigns
Neclace by Simplysuzie2

Ceramic grapevine Vase by Grapevine Creations

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Mum Knows Best

I have an off white carpet in my lounge, yes I can hear the cries "WHY". Well it looks good. I had it laid about 10 years ago, and it has stood the test of red wine, cranberry juice, curry, coffee and much more.
Not my carpet, but kinda what it looked like
However lately it been looking tired and dirty in a couple of places, especially heavy traffic areas, yet the rest of the carpet looks great.  One of my goals was to change this carpet but unfortunately funds are very limited, so no chance of this happening soon.
 I have tried shampooing regularly but it still looks ugly. So as a last resort I decided to check out new flooring, I was going to opt for laminate. But I changed my mind after visiting my mum who recently had workmen in, yes you can imagine the condition her carpet was left it. But you know her carpet look great.

How? I asked had she got it look so clean. Washing up powder came the reply. Yes you heard right; Washing up powder; Well you are already guessing what I did next. As soon as I arrived home I rolled up my sleeves and mixed a solution of water and washing up powder and got to work on my carpet.
OMG! I have a brand new carpet, the grubby area that distressed me so much has gone. I wish I had taken some photo before hand to show you, but I was too excited by the results happening right before my eyes. Now I can keep my carpet for a few more year.
This is what it look like now

Monday, 11 July 2011

Lady in Red Prom Gown

This is my latest custom order, a red prom gown commissioned by a clients for her daughter.
Nearly finished, contemplating the centre front, and how I can add interest to this dress

Umm not sure about the centre piece, added the black taffeta sash for contrast

Side view of gown
Front view of gown
Finished at last, I have left the tab out

This is actually the back view
Well I have finished the gown and left the tab out. The sash I added for contrast which ties at the back. Would love to hear what you think

Saturday, 9 July 2011


I am having a summer sale in my shop, most items reduced by 25%. Head on over and grab a bargin while you can
Pink Haze Dress was £47.00 now £35.25

Applique Skirt was £49.00 now £36.75

Retro Rull Circle Skirt was £53.00 now£39.75

Cerise Sundress was £37.00 now £29.25

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My own Handmade Clothing Labels

I have been toying with the idea of having new custom labels made for my clothes. But the price have been a bit off putting. So I did a google search on how to make clothing labels. I found several, showing a variety of ways to create your own personal clothing labels. This one from Ehow and this one from Patchworkpottery Both basically uses the same process and very easy to make up.
So armed with the necessary equipment
Twill tape
Pack of iron transfer paper
Printer paper for testing
Iron and Ironing board
Computer design programme ( I used publisher)
Inject printer set at mirror image (this is very important)

I started the process of creating my own label
1: I choose a blank label template from publisher. My chosen design gave me 30 labels per sheet of paper.There  is quite a selection so you can choose what size you would like, depending on your final fabric choice 

2: I made sure that my design was centred to fit onto my twill tape allowing enough selvage for turning to sew in raw ends. (although the transfer seals the ends so it may not need to be turned under.
Template for my label design
3: I printed a test copy setting my printer at "mirror image". If you don't do this your final transfer print will come out back to front. Once I was satisfied I printed out my design on transfer paper, following the manufactures instructions.
Printed mirror image
4: I then cut a strip of three images, leaving the rest for another when needed
5:  Laying the twill tape flat, I placed the transfer print side down onto the twill tape and pressed into place with the iron for approximately 1 min.  

6: I allowed the tape to cool then peeled off the paper backing
7:  I am so excited, my own label cut and ready to be added to my own finished garment
I am really pleased with the result, this is so simple to complete and great satisfaction in knowing that I have made this. I am planning on making my own care labels and I will post here once I have completed this process.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Winner of My First Giveaway

Winner of my first Giveaway
Today is the day, I am excited as this is my first giveawy. Firstly let me thank everyon who took part in my giveaway, who followed me on my blog, my twitter and my facebook. Well enough gabbling, drum roll please
The lucky winner is: Kristin from 
 Congratulation Kristin from Bringing Back Pretty, I hope you enjoy using this lovely tote bag, please email me your address and I will post the tote bag off to you.
I have enjoyed this give away, as it is an amazing way of connecting with blogging friends, give a gift, receiving thanks, a confirmation that you are not blogging to yourself.  Having completed my first give away I will definetly be hosting more in the future.

I wish you all a good week and for a happy 4th of July.