Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My own Handmade Clothing Labels

I have been toying with the idea of having new custom labels made for my clothes. But the price have been a bit off putting. So I did a google search on how to make clothing labels. I found several, showing a variety of ways to create your own personal clothing labels. This one from Ehow and this one from Patchworkpottery Both basically uses the same process and very easy to make up.
So armed with the necessary equipment
Twill tape
Pack of iron transfer paper
Printer paper for testing
Iron and Ironing board
Computer design programme ( I used publisher)
Inject printer set at mirror image (this is very important)

I started the process of creating my own label
1: I choose a blank label template from publisher. My chosen design gave me 30 labels per sheet of paper.There  is quite a selection so you can choose what size you would like, depending on your final fabric choice 

2: I made sure that my design was centred to fit onto my twill tape allowing enough selvage for turning to sew in raw ends. (although the transfer seals the ends so it may not need to be turned under.
Template for my label design
3: I printed a test copy setting my printer at "mirror image". If you don't do this your final transfer print will come out back to front. Once I was satisfied I printed out my design on transfer paper, following the manufactures instructions.
Printed mirror image
4: I then cut a strip of three images, leaving the rest for another when needed
5:  Laying the twill tape flat, I placed the transfer print side down onto the twill tape and pressed into place with the iron for approximately 1 min.  

6: I allowed the tape to cool then peeled off the paper backing
7:  I am so excited, my own label cut and ready to be added to my own finished garment
I am really pleased with the result, this is so simple to complete and great satisfaction in knowing that I have made this. I am planning on making my own care labels and I will post here once I have completed this process.


seamsoeasy said...

Hi thanks for sharing. Was going to make some 'made by me' labels for the students to put on their clothing. It gives it such a nice finish!

Saks said...

Wow - they look great. Do they wash well?

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

They turned out really well!

cheeky curves said...

The tags washes up well, but you need to be careful the transfer when ironing

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