Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Mum Knows Best

I have an off white carpet in my lounge, yes I can hear the cries "WHY". Well it looks good. I had it laid about 10 years ago, and it has stood the test of red wine, cranberry juice, curry, coffee and much more.
Not my carpet, but kinda what it looked like
However lately it been looking tired and dirty in a couple of places, especially heavy traffic areas, yet the rest of the carpet looks great.  One of my goals was to change this carpet but unfortunately funds are very limited, so no chance of this happening soon.
 I have tried shampooing regularly but it still looks ugly. So as a last resort I decided to check out new flooring, I was going to opt for laminate. But I changed my mind after visiting my mum who recently had workmen in, yes you can imagine the condition her carpet was left it. But you know her carpet look great.

How? I asked had she got it look so clean. Washing up powder came the reply. Yes you heard right; Washing up powder; Well you are already guessing what I did next. As soon as I arrived home I rolled up my sleeves and mixed a solution of water and washing up powder and got to work on my carpet.
OMG! I have a brand new carpet, the grubby area that distressed me so much has gone. I wish I had taken some photo before hand to show you, but I was too excited by the results happening right before my eyes. Now I can keep my carpet for a few more year.
This is what it look like now


Walk in the Woods said...

"Washing Up powder" … I've never heard of it. Probably not around my parts. I'll be washing my mom's carpets in a couple of weeks … I plan on using a blend of borax and washing soda, my own "Washing Up" powder!

And yay for you on a job well done!

lawyerdoll said...

Borax? Comet? Powered laundry soap? Need more detail....