Saturday, 31 July 2010

Dinning at Hackney City Farm

On Thursday I joined some friends at a farm for dinner, no kidding, it was so nice and no farmyard smell, well!!! not exactly, it did smell when we came out of the restaurant.

A restaurant on a farm? I hear you ask. Hackney City Farm is set in the middle of the Hackney, where you get to see a range of farmyard animals close up, such as sheep, goats, hens, donkeys, etc. We did not see the animals but we smelt them, but only on the outside of the restaurant.
There restaurant deco reminds you of a rustic Italian farmhouse with checked oilskin table cloths and well worn sofas a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere

In the summer the Restaurant opens on a Thursday evening, and although the menu is not vast the quality is excellent, beautifully cooked with fresh ingredients, some of which come from the farm garden.

We were served fresh herb bread before our starter, it just looked so good, and that is before we even tasted it.  I shared an antipasto board of dried cured meats, olives, balsamic baby onions and focaccia, absolutely lovely. 
For my main I had roasted squash stuffed with a range of vegetables topped with goat cheese and oh did it taste good, I even ate some of the skin, the house wine was excellent, but you can also bring you own wine, how cool is that.
We followed this with apple fruit crumble which we shared, too stuffed to eat any more but too good to resist. The apple pieces were a nice and chunky size and tasted sharp against the sweet of the topping and the vanilla custard, the bowl was licked clean. 

 The atmosphere was so relaxed it was 10.30 before we even knew it, not good as I had a two hour journey to get home. to complete the evening we stepped out onto rough cobbled walkway out of the restaurant over shadowed by trees, just allowing the feeling of the Mediterranean to last before entering into the stark grey glare of Hackeny Road, in all a brilliant evening

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Summer Dresses

The black on white print of this dress is made from a soft creased cotton. It features a flattering V neckline with elastic to the underbust and a contrasting black band which extendes and ties at the front. As the fabric is quite light I have lined it in muslin rather than polyester so that it would not be to heavy in hot weather, this dress is made to fit a size 24UK. Do you like the contrasting black band and belt or do you feel I should have kept the line simple and made the band and belt in the same fabric  of the body of the dress, love to hear your thoughts.

Monday, 26 July 2010


Here is the second dress
This black with yellow and white ditsy print Sun Dress has a scooped neckline and elastic to underbust,  this is made to fit a 24UK.  I have teamed it with a black belt, a white blet would have been great, but I dont have one in my stock of belt,  love to hear what you think

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Summer Dresses No 1

 I mentioned in a back post that I will be making some dresses, well I have almost finished them and I am hoping to get your thought about them. Here is the first one. It is fitted at the bust area and made in a  fun and frivolous fabric It will fit a size 24UK. The dress has been pinned in so that I can display it at its best.  I have not hemmed it yet as I can't make up my mind about the length. The What do you think?

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Over 50 Followers

I started blogging in December to promote my Etsy site, but I found more than just your every day fashionista. I found that the blogging world is an amazing opportunity to meet real people who share your joys, your sorrows, your ups and your downs. In this age as we become more distant and secular it is so nice to be in touch with people who acutally care.

I want to give a big thank you to all you blogger who are following me.
To all you bloggers who have continued to post on my blog.
To all you bloggers who have inspired me even when I have flet like giving up.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

WoW - Thank You

I just found out that has posted my on her blog Five Favourite Things. She post all her favourite finds and I am so pleased to be considered good enough to be included in her favourtie finds.

Take at look at her blog she has some really interesting finds on there.
She is hosting a amazing give away of some beautiful rings. Take a look you never know you might be the lucky one to win a custom made ring

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

First Custom Order

Well, here it is, my first custom order. This skirt was order by a client in Australia, and unlike some of us, who are enjoying great sunshine, they are wrapping up against the winter chill.
The original skirt is made in apple green wool with matching applique flowers

The custom order was made in wool and cashmere mix, as you can see the client ask for a different colour fabric with contrasting applique flowers.

I choose black as the main body of the skirt and the applique flower are in green and yellow. I think it worked out well.

It was quite scary making for someone you cant see, not what I am used to, but I think I got it right, based on the feedback I received in my email

"Thank you very much, my skirt arrived last night and I am of course wearing it today. Its a perfect fit and I love it already"
and on my site

"Great skirt and wonderful seller. Helped me customise this skirt to exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much"
Its such a good feeling knowing that someone is enjoying what you have made, now I am all excited and I cant wait for the next order to come in.