Thursday, 31 December 2009

Anticlimax and Beyond 2009

Well we are near the end of 2009, and yet I feel there are so many unfinished promises that have not been delivered. I will have to make my list shorter for 2010 and I suppose more achievable, but whats life if not a challenge.

1: I am starting early as I need to clear up the residue of 2009, however one important wish for 2010, I would like get a new job. I would want it to be in the same setting, working with children or mental health clients, love the work.....Having posted it, I wait to see what comes in.

2: There are a lot of small things I need to finish, to begin with my bedroom curtains. I have bleached some hessian but need to complete the curtains and get the rod hung in place also hang the picture which has been sitting in the corner for ever. As I am in my bedroom, I really need to clear out my ward rode, too many jackets I do not use.

3: The bathroom ceiling needs painting, painted it once but the paint cracked, a must do in 2010, also paint the door and lay new flooring.

4: Toilet needs new cistern, makes enough noise to wake the dead, but i like the quaint old shape.

5: Spare room needs attention, leaking from missing tiles on roof, more money.

6: Would like to repaint the hallway????????????????

7: Lounge need commercial carpet cleaner, scrubbing on my hand an knees is not getting the results I would like.
I would like to cover three piece suite, seen the fabric I like, it's amazing..............
If I get to recover the suite, I will definitely need to redecorate hmmmm!!!!!

8: Kitchen, need to lay laminate, bought from EBay three months ago, need two extra packs. Also quick lick of paint

9: Need new double glazing, but that's not going to be possible, but do need to change one of the windows as the seal is gone

10: Garden definitely needs a new shed, and fence needs painting. Gutters needs cleaning.
DON'T YOU JUST HATE HOSE MAINTENANCE it never ends and it always cost.

11: Need to feel in proposal for new project before the 15 of Jan.

12: Spread the word about my ETSY SHOP. Love it. This gives me an opportunity to use all the fabric I love collecting. Just love fabrics.

13: For me, make some dresses, always makes skirts. Needs a change. Seen some amazing fabrics. just can' help myself.

Me thinks that's enough to be getting on with.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Main Page on Etsy

I have secured a space on the main page on Etsy, which is due tomorrow, so I have been busy updating my collection. I am hoping that this will kick start my sale. I have noticed that I have received a number of hits for the new collection, but alas no sale.

I am making a few leopard print skirt and I am contemplating whether to put a zip in the front or the back split. My daughter feel it is a bit tarty in the front, hmm still not sure.

Monday, 28 December 2009


I am amazed at the number of rose glens on the web. More interestingly I have learned that there is a Roseglen in the US North Dakota.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

New Additions to my Collection

Well my chest infection is finally clearing.
On Saturday I went to my favourite fabric shop and bought a few choice pieces. I have cut quite a few items out ready to sew, and have made a few to put in my shop on Etsy. Here is a quick preview of some of the new items yet to go on show.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Back to work

This is the longest time that I have spent off of work, unless it is paid holiday. No it not because I am a nerd or whatever, but I am fortunate that I really enjoy my job. Tomorrow I am hosting a Christmas meal with all the extras for clients who don’t have the opportunity to get together and share with another person. I will be decking the meeting room tables with bright red lining and decorating this with green and gold candles and white xmas cracker, with a few scattering of gold tinsel. All the clients will be treated to a two course meal and some Christmas music. Not everyone cup of tea I hear you say, but you should see the smiles on my clients faces, so if you object Bah Humbug to you.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Laid up in bed

Whatever it is, I have taken to my bed, not the best way to have a day off from work, but this has given me the opportunity to load some of my new collection on Etsy, view and buy the new collection here

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Not Swine Flue

Hello there this season has certainly taken its toil on me. I have been suffering from a chest infection for approximately three weeks, and before you ask its not swine flue. To top it all I have been house sitting so not much time to sew, however I have started on my new collection and will be posting pictures of them here tommorow, in the meantime feast your eyes on my daughters collection on Etsy.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

To all you beautiful curvy ladies

Hi there all you beautiful curvy ladies welcome to my collection!!!!!
view and buy the new collection here