Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Back to work

This is the longest time that I have spent off of work, unless it is paid holiday. No it not because I am a nerd or whatever, but I am fortunate that I really enjoy my job. Tomorrow I am hosting a Christmas meal with all the extras for clients who don’t have the opportunity to get together and share with another person. I will be decking the meeting room tables with bright red lining and decorating this with green and gold candles and white xmas cracker, with a few scattering of gold tinsel. All the clients will be treated to a two course meal and some Christmas music. Not everyone cup of tea I hear you say, but you should see the smiles on my clients faces, so if you object Bah Humbug to you.


Order and Chaos said...

Sounds like a lovely evening to me. Hope you all have a great time

cheeky rose said...

thanks, it was a great succsess and a good time was had by all.