Friday, 24 September 2010

Its the Weekend

Well it's that time again and it's the only time I have available to say hello to all you lovely people. Things have been so busy at work lately. I have been getting to work late, staying late at work and staying up late to finish projects. Yeh I know get the violins out. You know something I enjoy the challenge. So no violins.

It's not all been good, my manager has been at it again, after spending a week writing a 32page proposal she decides that her name has to go my proposal, yeh what a cheek, needless to say I ignored her, so we are meeting on Monday to discuss this.

Now the good. I have completed a custom order and I am about to start on another one.  The hardest thing is making for someone you can't see and choosing the fabric for them based on an email conversation, but I can only hope that I have chosen well.

Here are some pictures of the skirt I made.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

I am a Winner

 I won this lovely scarf for 0ur girl form rio, aka Marla, It is so beautifully crafted, with lovely intricate pattern.]
If you would like to see more of Marla's items check out her shop on ETSY

Saturday, 11 September 2010

I am back

Well it has been a long time and my computer is all fixed. How are you all doing and what have you been up to, I will have to take time to catch up with everyone.
Kentwell Hall
 I would like to share with you a trip I took some Carers and their cared for on in August.  We visited Kentwell Hall in Suffolk. Kentwell Hall is a beautiful Tudor house which was built in the 15th century and is surrounded by a water-filled moat complete with numerous carps (fishes).

The house has been lovingly and authentically restored to how it would have been in its heyday.

The gardens around the house are very pretty and include oddities such as a carved tree house and an old underground ice-house, this is an amazing place as there is so much to see. The gardens are wonderful including a in the veg garden or potagerie as it would have been called in the 15th century 

For a few weeks each year, it returns to the 15th century with up to 300 re-creating  "Tudors" going about their business. You get an opportunity to see  archers and woodmen in the 25-acre grounds to those making bread and butter and people going about their daily lives in the main house and around the grounds.