Friday, 24 June 2011


A 100 Followers, Well let me tell you I am blown away.
To each and everyone of you who are following me
It really means a lot to me that you have taken the time to read my blog, and it is such a nice feeling when  you leave a comment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and kind  words

By way of thanks I want to offer one lucky reader a token of my appreciation. This handy tote bag has been made by me in a red wine cord fabric and lined with a complinentary matching check fabric. It measures 45cm by 41cm the strapps are 56cm in length

For a change to win 

1: Leave a comment to say you would like to be entered in this giveaway

2: Visit my Etsy Shop - Rose Glen and pick one item that you like and leave a comment saying why you like this item.

3: For a few more entries spread the word about this give away on Facebook, you blog, twitter etc. Comment here each time  you do one of these

Additionally your can follow my blog, or become a Facebook or twitter fan

The giveaway closes on Saturday 2nd July. I will pick the winner on Saturday 3rd July and announce the winner on
Monday 4th July 

Good luck everyone
This Giveaway is now closed

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Another Custom Order

Last month I received a custom order to make this skirt, from  my etsy shop

The customer was so pleased with the result she order two more in a shorter version
Charcaol grey Linen Full Circile Skirt

Blue Full Skirt
I am very pleased with how they have turned out, only one compliant, my camera does not allow me to give a true picture of the colour of the blue,  it is more a dark turquoise rather that a blue. Love to hear what you think of these skirts

Monday, 20 June 2011

Meet the artist on HCC3 Promo

Over the month of June HCC3 is running a promotion, this is a great opportunity for us to help each other by promoting through our various social networks, which hopefully will generate some traffic and some sales to our shop.

This little post is my way of supporting this venture by promoting some of the creative talented folks in this promotion who hold a shop on Etsy. If you have not come across their shop before, please take a look, you will be amazed by the work that they produce.
French Vintage Poster by Reveriefrance
 Last week members consist of Reverienfrance on Monday, "an American living in France". .. who " love things with a history and things handmade". You can catch up with her on her blog here

Tuesday was the turn of Liz Wares who started making jewelry at the age of 12, you can see her whole range here on Etsy
The Emerald City Necklace by Liz Wares
Wednesday was my turn I cant wait to see the result of the Promo Heart.
Check out my shop here

Thursday was the turn of Morning Valley Soaps. ...."I have always loved soaps, lotions and perfumes ever since I was a little girl. The six year old me approves of my choice to play with natural botanical ingredients as well as mixing delicious scents" Check out her other soaps here
Summer Stroll Bar Soap
Friday was the turn of Andia Creations who says "I like nothing better than holding a crochet hook, knitting needle or indeed a sewing needle to be able to produce a unique item"
Black felt hearts by Andia Creations
These are just a few of the amazing shops in this promotion  I hope you take a look at the works of these very talented artists. Check out my links below to meet the other shops I will be promoting during June

My blog

A big Thank You to all who promoted me.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

New York

My sister treated my niece and I to a 5 day shopping experience in New York.  We stayed in a hotel on 39th street. The location was great, with a view of the Chrysler Tower and it was within walking distance of Grand Central Station and easy access for restaurants and  all the places we wanted to visit.

I had never been to America let alone NY and I approached this journey with nervous anticipation, having heard so many tales of  this great city.  My daughter assured me that I would love NY, having spent four of the five days in this bustling city, I am left with mixed feelings. 

New York City conjoures up for me an adults playground, where buildings are fighting for precedent and anything  anything goes. Having said that I enjoyed this trip, The high point for me was  a trip up the the Empire Sate Building, what a view, and the historical commentary was well worth $10.00. Would you believe that we met a group who were from the very town that I came from and his mum lives two streets away from me, this world can seem so small sometimes
 Second  was a trip to Woodbury Common Shopping Outlet in Central Valley. I loved this as it was hassle free with a great range of  named brand stores.  The drive up made the experience truly memorable as it gave me an opportunity to see the other side of New York, in my mind New York consisted of the city of NY and high buildings which dominate the landscape, not so, it consist of much much more. We drove through rolling green county side, beautiful lakes and fresh air, saw reindeer's sauntering across busy road. just lovely.
In New York City we made it to the Statue of Liberty, but unfortunately we could only walk around the grounds as entrance into the stature t was booked until November. We also visited Time Square, the Garment district. and ground Zero, nothing much to see there, but it felt right to  visit.

I love small independent stores, so Macy and Century 21 did not do it for me, although both offered great clothing at reasonable prices  if you are prepared to search.

Central park and Bowling Green Park were great places, they offered a place to chill out at the end of the day, we even had a take away breakfast at Bowling Green.

This was a shopping trip to celebrate my niece 21st, who sufferers from learning difficulties and her attention span is limited so there was little time for cultural tours. My daughter feel I need to see the cultural New York to make a valid judgement so I am reserving judging this city until, well until .......
Ooh I almost forgot, we took a trip down to Harlem, and had a lovely meal at Sylvia's. definitely worth a visit the food was great.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Sales Up Date

Selling on line is no easy ride; it requires a lot of hard work to encourage customers and instill confidence in my products.  EBay is an example of the confidence that is instills in clients, as most of us including me have bought from EBay.  Yes I am aware the process is slightly different, but the principal is the same, like you I trust  that the person who receives my order will not only provide what I ordered but the quality that I would expect.                
Sold to Vera for her cruise
         EBay has a huge following and to increase my following I have used various social media platforms to promote my work, and I believe that it is paying off. Here are two dresses I sold in May
Sold to Hazel
I personally love the Summer Shift Dress sold to Hazel and if I can find the fabric I am going to mke a copy for myslef.
You know I really hope my clients enjoy wearing these as much as I enjoyed making them.