Sold to Etsy Customer, feedback received
Stunning item.. Absolutely amazing! Fast delivery and great comms

This was sold to M who love her first skirt (the maxi  blue check skirt Below), so decided to order two more in a shorter lenght

These two dresses were custom orders received from Puckeridge Fair in April
I love the first dress, definitely going to make one for me as soon as I find a fabric I like

The e second dress was order for a client going on a cruise, just perfect for an evening eating with the captain 
Both dresses are available in my Etsy Shop

 Sold on Etsy, Customer order; 
Feedback from customer "It is stunning

     Sold at Dunmow Craft Fair in April 11

Great skirt and wonderful seller. Helped me customise this skirt to exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much: ( email conversation: Thank you very much, my skirt arrived last night and I am of course wearing it today. Its a perfect fit and I love it already. Thanks again)  

Very nice - fits perfectly. The print tended to a little more golden-yellow than bright yellow, but this is fine as gold and black are my school colors. And the heavier weight of the fabric combined with the lining will keep me wearing this through the fall. Thanks!

SOLD on Etsy Gold and Grey Dress

SOLD on Etsy: Gold and Grey Dress

SOLD ON ETSY Dress for Christmas in the Tropics
CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: Nice, thanks. (email conversation: Thank you, it looks great!) !

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