Sunday, 29 May 2011

To the Crafters of Wells Next The Sea

Last weekend I traveled up to Wells Next the Sea in Norfolk to take part in a craft fair. Because of the distance I decided to us it as an opportunity to have a short break and see the this  lovely area. On the Friday I dully booked into a hostel. Oh I can hear you philistines, a hostel yes against my better judgement I booked into one, because I had limited finances. The cheapest BB I could find was £70.00 a day. The hostel was £36.40 for two days, a bargain.  I would have to bunk with three other women, but hey at I figured I would only be sleeping there.
Wells Next the Sea Youth Hostel

My Bunk

 As it turned out the location was beautiful Wells next the Sea Youth Hostel is a beautiful converted church hall is set in a beautiful area with fantastic facilities. the manager was so accommodating, as I was very late in booking in, he arranged for the key to be placed in a convenient place for me. Having found the key I tiptoed up to my room to be met by the sound of snoring. On my bunk was fresh laundered linen and thankfully my bed was on the lower bunk. I fumbled in the dark in the dark trying to make my bed in an effort not to disturb the other two occupants.  In the morning I took a shower, in a very clean mold free wide shower room, this is much more than I can say for some hotels I have stayed in,  although I did not use the rest of the facilities the rooms were large and airy with a well equipped kitchen. I met the fourth member in the evening, the ladies were really friendly and I received an invitation to visit should I be in Wales.  You know something I would totally recommend staying in one of these hostel, so much so I have registered as a member, and as I have never been to Cornwall and Devon I will be using this as a means of accommodation.
What of my day at the craft fair, first I must tell you about the view that I was met with, just beautiful view in the first picture. The second shows the same view with the tide out. I would not like to be one of those caught in low tide, on a plus point, you can just walk to the beach.

I had seen some really lovely pictures of beach huts on the Wells website, so I decided to go in seach of them. I found some beautiful hisorical building like this amazing Granary which has been converted into luxury flats ,looking over the harbour .

After a slow relaxing walk I finally came across the huts and I couldn't resist taking my own pictures.

The walk back was jus as pleasurable, taking a stroll trhough the pinewoods
Oh the fair it was great, I met some really lovely people, and I will certainaly be going back there.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Crazy Week

This week has been pretty crazy and it is not over yet. I visited the dentist on Monday, and he advised a root canal job, after playing around with my teeth, he sent me off to make an appointment for the following week to finish the job off.
 But it has finished me off. Due to his poking around I have caught an acute infection in that area. Now one side of my mouth looks lop sided due the large marble size ball which is growing there, and the pain, OH!! the pain, did I mention it was painful. Well I now have a dose of anti biotic and ibuprofen to take. Although I had taken my first dose. I must admit I had to take a pain killer during the night as the pain was so unbearable.

I am hoping that the medication kicks in, as I mentioned in my last post I am attending a fair on Saturday and I have been trying to get some new items made to take along. 
Spring Green Ruffle Skirt
I love the print of this one and have made a copy for me which I will be wearing at the fair.
Above are two skirt I have made. What do you think, would you wear them, what would you have made with the fabric, love to hear your thoughts

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Puckeridge Arts and Craft Fair

I attended the Puckeridge Arts, Craft and Gift Fair on Saturday which was hosted by the lovely Victoria of Butterfly Crafts These cakes were are great success selling out before the end of the day. They looked lovely but unfortunately I could not eat any due to my gluten intolerance
Although it threatened to rain the weather prevailed, which meant we saw a steady flow of customers coming through the door. It was a good day for me, as my Rose Glen collection was very well received with one customer likening the quality of my work to that of Whites, accolade indeed.
Over the past weeks I had created some new items to take to the fair, these proved to be successful with the customers, and I received several enquires for custom orders. This Maxi dress was ordered from someone going on a cruise, and the Summer Shift Dress was order in a smaller size, one of my favourites in the collection. This Green Ruffle skirt was also a favourite, wowing a lot of the customers. This will soon be available in my Rose Glen Store
Next weekend I am in Wells-next-the-sea on the north Norfolk coast, isn't this just a cool name. I booked this fair because I liked the look of the area, you must admit it looks really pretty, I can't wait to get there. The fair is over two days, so I am going to book into the local youth hostel to save on cost, first time I have even booked into a youth hostel.
Mark this spot, I will be back to update you on my venture on Well-next-the-sea next week

Saturday, 7 May 2011

My Week

Being unemployed yet again is hard, but I am ever optimistic.
On Monday I met with an old friend to discuss setting up workshop. In the afternoon I kept my dentist appointment. Not an appointment I like to keep. I have to go back in two weeks time.
On Tuesday I posted off another job application
On Wednesday they responded, but still I have to wait to see if I am shortlisted
I also went to look at a meeting room with a view to holding workshops and individual consultation. Its a great place, not sure about the stairs a bit steep. You can check it out here .
I visited a friend and hemmed her dress which was too long, she is the mother of the bride.
Then picked up a roll of calico and interfacing for my daughter. Finally got home about 12.midnight.
On Thursday I picked up my new glasses, couldn't extend my arms any longer.
I also checked out some chairs to put in the workshop.
On Friday I visited my mum and sister, cleaned up my sisters garden. I also picked two boxes of clothes, shoes never used, and handbags to put on eBay for her. Pity she is smaller than me and her feet is bigger than mine.
Today Saturday I have spent the best part of today taking photo and putting my sisters stuff on eBay
Tomorrow I am going to finish off my sister garden and clean my mothers garden

Among some of the clothes my sister gave me were  a  few thinks I made for her about 5 years ago. Here are two of the skirts I think they still look great, then I am biased.
Oh and the skirt I made last week, my customer has received it and she said "its stunning"