Wednesday, 28 September 2011

New in My Daughters Shop

My daughters has just added samples of her new collection. They are available in a shop in London. She is now selling the proto type in her shop csevenm on Etsy
Aquitaine Breakfast Cape

Estrella Breakfast Dress

Pemberton Day Skirt

Estrella Breakfast Dress
 The cape is my favourite, what is yours

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Liberty Print Dress

 This delightful dress is made from a liberty print. The neckline was changed from a skirt neck to a V neckline, as the customer did not feel comfortable with the collar.
For ease in  dressing there is button front to the waist and a side zip closure, long enough to allow the client to step into the dress.
The dress was made for a late holiday wardrobe and the clients loved it so much, she is coming back for another one. I can see it made up in a lightweight wool fabric with three quarter length sleeves, but the clients wants a cotton print.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Second Time Around

This classic skirt suit is made from a luxurious slub silk fabric.This is the second time I am making this suit,  the customer loved it so much after 8 year she wanted another one made in exactly the same fabric. I convinced her to have it made in the fabric shown. Her reason for wanting another one made were, she received numerous complements, it fitted comfortable and she love the casual look.

Jacket in contruction, ff you look closely you can just about see the colour from the sleeves of the first suit
This suit may not be to everyone taste and it is not what I would wear, but I think it looks really smart and I love how it has turned out. I hope the clients feels the same way.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

New Job - Not Sure

As you may or may not know I was made redundant over 5 months ago. Finally I have a job as a Mental Health Advocate, which started on Monday, but I am not sure about it. Why am I having doubts, well it the working environment. I am a very proactive person and I have identified several gaps which could make the project run more efficiently, but the manager is not open to change. For example, currently client contact are logged on a word document, and I feel  this would be more efficient if placed on a data base. I was told emphatically no by the Manager. After all contact has been logged, someone has to manually count how many times a client has been seen, who saw the client, their age, etc, etc. This could all be generated from the database AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Just talking, writing about it is giving me a sinking feeling.
On a positive note, this role requires developing indepth knowledge of the practical application of the law, how this is applied in supporting clients, their entitlements and those accountable for providing care or support for clients. I am really excited about this part of the job and I plan to stick it out for as long as I can, as this will be great when applied to my existing knowledge

In the meantime I am taking my sons advice, take a back seat and rein in my enthusiasm.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Puss Pelmet

What you are asking is a puss pelmet. According to my daughter it is the name for my latest custom order. I was commissioned to make this delightful feathered skirt, originally 12 inches long, for a sweet sixteen birthday girl. But on completion mum was a  wee bit concerned about the length and after some thoughtful persuasion, daughter agreed that the skirt should be lengthened  to protect her modesty. 

 I lengthened this skirt by replacing the small waistband with a wider. As nice as this skirt looks, the fabric is a pain to work. Cutting and sewing the quills of the feathers have blunted my scissors and machine needle,  the needle is cheap to replace, the scissors hmmm, Oh and did I mention the mess that is generated when cutting the fabric. Although I have wiped clean all the surfaces in an attempt to get rid of the bits of feathers, I am still finding bits which have floated off and settled in odd places.

That said I have never worked with this type of material and I have enjoy the process of working out how to get the best finish from the feathered fabric.  The main thing is both mother and daughter are pleased with the result. Job Done

Monday, 12 September 2011

Unisex Grape and Cream Kaftan

Unisex Grape and Cream Kaftan
This beautiful full  length kaftan is perfect for relaxing around the house. The Kaftan is made from a rich african cotton print, featuring a repeat grape and cream design. I have styled it with a contrasting print at front neckline and lower hem edge, long sleeves, two side slits and two side pockets. This Kaftan is now sold but is available for custom orders and would make a perfect Christmas present

Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Dress with a Twist

I have been so  busy with custom orders I have had little time to make for my Etsy Shop, however I am putting together a small collection to put in my shop,  the only problem will be if they sell at the craft fairs.

In a past post I posted one of two dresses  I made for a client and here is the second dress. I know summer is over but great if you are off to sunny climates.

The bodice of the dress is cut in the same style of the first dress. A halter neck bodice, boned with shaped and defined bust cups.The twist is instead of the straight wrap skirt, this one has a full pleated skirt. Kinda hard to pick my favourite as they both have qualities I love.
Wrap Dress


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Old China Tea Cups

I love rummaging through charity shops and car boot sale for old china tea cups. I have a very small collection which have been displayed above my kitchen cabinets. They are so beautiful and bring a touch of gentle elegance to my modern kitchen.

Whilst browsing I came across this beautiful Alfred Meakin serving dish. I fell in love with the hexagonal shape and it fitted in just right with the tea cup, Its in great condition and would grace any dinner table.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Monday Mood Board

Its Monday again and I have collected a few things from European Street Team (EST) on Etsy. I hope you enjoy checking them out.
1: szalonaisa         2; Chifonie
3: azulado        4: cookieletta

Friday, 2 September 2011

Catching Up

Lately I have been playing catch up, as I have several custom order to complete and today I collected 10 metres of amazing fabric, which I can't waits to start on. But before I start I need to tidy my work room because it looks like a bomb has hit it, No, no pics as it too awful to show you. The room is a wreck because when I am working on a new custom order I don't really clear up as I go. I tend to wait until I have finished and then I have a blitz, ready for the next project.

You know something it worth it to see the end product, here is one of two dresses I completed for a client going on a cruise.

This halter dress is made in a very bold red rose bud print. The bodice is boned with formed bust cups. The skirt has been designed with a mock wrap which I love as there is no threat of too much leg being exposed when walking or seated. A great dress for making a impact, What do you think?

Have a great weekend

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Clearance Sale - Retro Print Skirt

I am having a clearance sale and I will be posting items from my shop which has to go. Do check them out, you never know, you might find something that is just right for you.
30% off this Retro Print Skirt was £53.00 now only £37.00
A beautiful skirt perfect for any occasion.
To fit Size 12UK
LENGTH 61cm (24”)

Buy Now