Sunday, 18 September 2011

Puss Pelmet

What you are asking is a puss pelmet. According to my daughter it is the name for my latest custom order. I was commissioned to make this delightful feathered skirt, originally 12 inches long, for a sweet sixteen birthday girl. But on completion mum was a  wee bit concerned about the length and after some thoughtful persuasion, daughter agreed that the skirt should be lengthened  to protect her modesty. 

 I lengthened this skirt by replacing the small waistband with a wider. As nice as this skirt looks, the fabric is a pain to work. Cutting and sewing the quills of the feathers have blunted my scissors and machine needle,  the needle is cheap to replace, the scissors hmmm, Oh and did I mention the mess that is generated when cutting the fabric. Although I have wiped clean all the surfaces in an attempt to get rid of the bits of feathers, I am still finding bits which have floated off and settled in odd places.

That said I have never worked with this type of material and I have enjoy the process of working out how to get the best finish from the feathered fabric.  The main thing is both mother and daughter are pleased with the result. Job Done


lawyerdoll said...

Too bad we can't see it on the girl... I would love to see how it hangs on an actual person- it looks fab on the dummy

cheeky rose said...

It look even better on her as it was worn with a fitted corset

mtg said...

I can't even imagine how you did it. Amazing! Looks even better with longer waistband.