Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Book The Date - CRAFTfest is Coming

Only a few days to go for the September CRAFTfest 
Please come by and check out these amazing stall, with a wide variety of beautiful handmade items, 
Book the Date  1st to 8th September

There is something here for everyone

Something for the women, daughter,  mother friend in your life

                                   For the man, son, father friend in your life

For the little ones

For the home

Don't take my word for it come and check out these wonderful items and much much much more

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Free Food

sea grape bunchesAs a young girl, growing up in the West Indies there was a lot of free food to to found along the way to school, these included the sea grapes which grew along the coast line. 

And wild strawberries which grew along the hillsides, which formed part of my journey to and from school. Happy Days!!!
This picture show part my journey to school, there is a story waiting to be told  one day. The beauty of this is very little has changed, I just love visiting not sure if I could live there now.

Here in  England I was able introduce my children to the joys of picking free food which included blackberries and apples. The reward for their fruits of labour, get it OK I am no comedian.
 Apple and blackberry pie

The reason I am walking down my memory lane,  this is because my walk to and from work involves passing along a stretch of over grown hedgerow laden with blackberries.
This stretch of land has little traffic so it is not subjected to the fumes from passing car, artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

So today I decided to take along a plastic container and scrambling as carefully as I could  over the brambles,  picked these fresh, sweet not tart berries. If I had though this through I would had bought some gloves and worn long sleeves and trousers, to protect me not only from the brambles but also from the nettles. There is still time to collect a few more tubs as I have found out a little know legend which states that blackberries should be picked before October, apparently legend has it, the devil is said to pee on the berries on the 10th October making them unfit to eat.

How will I be eating my berries, just as they are, no cooking. Yum!!!

Monday, 20 August 2012

101 in 1001 REview

Don't mean to bore you with my first update of my 101 in 1001.  Maybe just maybe this is more for me than for you, but I do love your comments or if you have only come to view, I love that you have taken the time to do that. Thank You x

 So what have I acheived so far, well here is a snapshot of what I have done and what is remaining

Only 8 goal completed, but I have started 14 more which is ongoing. I won't list them all here but if you care to look then you can check it out here

Here are a two that I have completed

Here is a view of my business postcard, made it at Vista Print 

Also I am participating in an on line challenge with CRAFTfest due to start on the 1st of September through to the 8th 

Oh if you are still with me I have applied for three jobs, so far had one interview but did not get the job, and awaiting a reply from the last one which I emailed off yesterday, fingers crossed I get shortlisted.

That's all for now I will give you an up date in a months time. 
Thank you for following and for commenting 

Saturday, 11 August 2012

What Will You Be Wearing This Autumn

Yes I hear your cries, let us enjoy what little we have of the summer before we get into gear for autumn. But I an sure you would like to look at what the fashion pundits are predicting we shall be wearing this autumn.

The word on the street are bold prints rich colours, geometric prints, statement pieces, feminine layers and  sophisticated shapes.

Look for quality fabric, fluid shapes, soft wool, silk and bouclé, hues of burgundy, berries, cream coffee and khaki. electric blue and orange

Keep the autumn chill at bay with Long fluid skirts, keep volume to a minimum

Fitted dresses and tailored jacket to achieve a sophisticated look.
Here is my contribution to the autumn trend. Big bold floral print in a sophisticated feminine style and fitted cropped jacket. Check out my website for more details

Other fashion trends to lookout out for are leather, bold plaids and tartans. (can't wait as I love plaids and I have a small selection waiting to be made up)

And finally accessories, one word scarves the quickest way to inject style into your wardrobe and be bang on trend,
What's your prediction for the autumn or like me do you go with what suit your style.
Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Shabby Chic Flower Tutorial

The shabby chic fabric flower was made to compliment this dress commissioned by a client.
Here is a step by step tutorial of how I achieved this

What you need
4 Long piece of lace fabric approximately 10"x2"
1 long piece of satin, tear the satin rather than cutting to give a shabby rolled edge
approximately 10" by 1"

Lighter, or  matches, scissor, matching cotton, sewing machine and needle
use the lighter to seal the edge of the satin if this is fraying too much.

Now we begin
Using the longest stitch on your sewing machine, run a long running stitch along the long edge of the satin strip.

Now run a long stitch  down the middle of the lace fabric strips
Pull the loose thread to gather your fabric strips, secure ends of thread
Now begin rolling your fabric strip, stitch the layers in place as you go 

Make 4 lace rosettes and one satin rosette

 Now start  building your flower 
Cut a piece of felt or matching fabric into a disc that is wide enough to cover the base of all your rosettes, don't worry if this is too big you can trim away any excess. 
I used a piece of satin and burned the edges, sorry for the poor quality of the picture

Now attach the satin rosette to the disc, then place the lace rosettes around the satin rosette stitching in place as you go. If you wish you can glue this in place, instead of sewing.
Tah DAh  here you have it your shabby chic fabric flower 

Shabby chic fabric flower in place on vintage inspired dress
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, I would love to see your finished flower.