Monday, 20 August 2012

101 in 1001 REview

Don't mean to bore you with my first update of my 101 in 1001.  Maybe just maybe this is more for me than for you, but I do love your comments or if you have only come to view, I love that you have taken the time to do that. Thank You x

 So what have I acheived so far, well here is a snapshot of what I have done and what is remaining

Only 8 goal completed, but I have started 14 more which is ongoing. I won't list them all here but if you care to look then you can check it out here

Here are a two that I have completed

Here is a view of my business postcard, made it at Vista Print 

Also I am participating in an on line challenge with CRAFTfest due to start on the 1st of September through to the 8th 

Oh if you are still with me I have applied for three jobs, so far had one interview but did not get the job, and awaiting a reply from the last one which I emailed off yesterday, fingers crossed I get shortlisted.

That's all for now I will give you an up date in a months time. 
Thank you for following and for commenting 

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Bonnie said...

Good luck with the job interviews! I'll keep my fingers crossed.

xo, Bonnie