Tips on Measuring

Top tips for measuring
Take your measurements when wearing only underwear as they are more accurate than measuring over your clothes  --  If possible have a friend measure you.  --  Wear the heel height you plan to wear with the item of clothing you are ordering.  --  Stand and breathe as you would do normally do not hold in your breath or  try to suck in your stomach  --  Tie a string around your waist before measuring  - we all have one   --  use a mirror to check that it is evenly placed around your waist  --  If you are big busted stick a piece of tape from breast point to breast point, this will form a bridge across your breast to measure how your clothing drapes over your bust  --  Try to exert a consistent degree of pressure on the tape as you hold it around your body  --  The tape measure should feel comfortable and snug, not so loose that it droops unevenly or so tight that it feel uncomfortable  --    Keep your fingers outside the tape, record the measurement as you go.

1: CHEST: Measure under your arms and above  your bust passing the tape just above your shoulder blades
2: BUST: Measure your bust line around the fullest part of your bust passing the tape bellow your armpits, and over your shoulder blades, if big busted across the tape bridge.
3: MIDRIFF: Measure just below your bust do not measure around the bust
4: FRONT WAIST LENGHT: measure from the base of your neck over the bridge to the string at waist
5: BACK WAIST LENGHT: measure from the the base of your neck, place the tape at the slightly protruding neck vertebra along the spine to the string at waist
6: WAIST: Measure around your natural waist, were the crease forms when you bend to the side or where your string is, the tape should feel comfortable and taut
7: HIGH HIP: Measure about 3" below your waistline
8: HIPS: stand with your feet together, place the tape around the fullest part of your bottom at the top of your leg, about 20cm (8’’) below your natural waistline.
9: THIGH: Measure one leg at the widest point
10: INSIDE LEG:  measure from the top of your inside leg at the crotch to where the trousers are normally worn on your shoes.
11: OUTSIDE LEG:  measure from where the string is at the side to the desired trousers lenght.
12: SKIRT LENGHT: measure from the natural waistline using the string a a guide to the desired hem position on the leg.
13: DRESS LENGHT: measure from the center back of your neck and take it as long or short as you desire.
14: SHOULDER LENGHT: measure from he base of your neck following the line of a shoulder seam to tthe prominent bone at the shoulder
15: SHOULDER TO ELBOW:  measure from the prominent bone at your shoulder to the bony tip of your elbow
16: ELBOW TO WRIST: measure from the the bony point of your elbow to just below the wrist bone.

Select the size that best matches your largest measurement (bust, waist or hip). If you're between sizes, it's usually best to order the larger size so you have room to move in your dressor skirt.