Monday, 20 June 2011

Meet the artist on HCC3 Promo

Over the month of June HCC3 is running a promotion, this is a great opportunity for us to help each other by promoting through our various social networks, which hopefully will generate some traffic and some sales to our shop.

This little post is my way of supporting this venture by promoting some of the creative talented folks in this promotion who hold a shop on Etsy. If you have not come across their shop before, please take a look, you will be amazed by the work that they produce.
French Vintage Poster by Reveriefrance
 Last week members consist of Reverienfrance on Monday, "an American living in France". .. who " love things with a history and things handmade". You can catch up with her on her blog here

Tuesday was the turn of Liz Wares who started making jewelry at the age of 12, you can see her whole range here on Etsy
The Emerald City Necklace by Liz Wares
Wednesday was my turn I cant wait to see the result of the Promo Heart.
Check out my shop here

Thursday was the turn of Morning Valley Soaps. ...."I have always loved soaps, lotions and perfumes ever since I was a little girl. The six year old me approves of my choice to play with natural botanical ingredients as well as mixing delicious scents" Check out her other soaps here
Summer Stroll Bar Soap
Friday was the turn of Andia Creations who says "I like nothing better than holding a crochet hook, knitting needle or indeed a sewing needle to be able to produce a unique item"
Black felt hearts by Andia Creations
These are just a few of the amazing shops in this promotion  I hope you take a look at the works of these very talented artists. Check out my links below to meet the other shops I will be promoting during June

My blog

A big Thank You to all who promoted me.

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Unknown said...

I think the apple green skirt is great. When searching for an item in your shop to put in my treasury, I was hoping it was for sale. Perhaps consider making another like it? I can't be the only one.