Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Learning from Experience

I did a craft fair over the weekend, what a waste of time, well not quite.

I met some lovely crafter and enjoyed hearing their stories. Also it was great browsing through their products. As always it was good hearing from others positive feedback about my products. But quite discouraging as I didn’t sell anything, and sadly I was not the only one, all the other crafters had a bad day.
Having spent the first day slowing losing the will to live, I decided that I was not coming back on the Sunday, although I had already paid for my stand, but I figured the cost of petrol, wear and tear on my car, food and drink, and taking nothing was too high a price to pay to stand and not even give out one business card. But stupidly I changed my mind because the organizers decided to take the entrance fee for the public away.

Lets me explain, everything was right for this fair, the location was great as there was an established craft village nearby, entrance to which was free, and the craft fair was part of a Kio exhibition. On the second day there was a car and boot sale. So what went wrong, the organizers were charging £5.00 entry fee, consequently the people who came in were not here for craft, some if not most of them hardly gave us a side way glance, they were there for the Koi.

As most of us decided that we were not coming back on the second day, to appease us the orgnansier decided move the entrance kiosk, which would mean that anyone could browse the craft without having to pay but pay to an entrance fee to see the Koi exhibition. However on the Sunday we were told that they had changed their mind. I wish I had walked out, as had one of the crafters, but sadly I stayed and finally along with most of the crafters walked packed up early and headed home.

I have done a couple of fairs over this year and I have learned a lot along the way. I am now recognizing the ones that match my products; this is a combination of things, such as the client group, the area, the location and attitude of organizers.

This was a good learning experience and although I would rather not to have done it, it was good, because I now recognize the fairs that match my product; what I need to be aware of when booking a fair, such as the likely client group, which will depend on the area, the location and attitude of the organizers.

This has not put me off as I will be attending the Wells next the Sea Craft Fair on Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th August, so if you are in the area come by and say hello.

Wells next the Sea Beach Huts
Have you done any fairs? Have you attended any fairs? What has been your experience?

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Bonnie said...

Oooohhhh, so sorry the fair turned out to be a bust. Rotten that the organizers went back on their word about the entrance fee. Based on that if I were a crafter I would not be back next year!

I adore craft fairs but have never been as a crafter just a buyer! Wish I could go to the upcoming fairs.

xo, Bonnie