Saturday, 2 January 2010


Starting a New Year make you look back and do a bit of reflection. I have for years worn separates, mainly because I have rather large breast for my height, yes a double challenge finding clothes that fits a large busted short person, not easy. However in the process of putting together my ETSY Shop Collection it has allowed me to let go of my ridged fashion sense, consequently I have decided to make a make and wear more dresses this year.

While you are here, what do you enjoy wearing and what challenges do you face when buying clothes


Scrapninny said...

Hi there - found you on iCraft (Ensorcelled Minds here). I am the opposite of plus size (I'm tiny) but I think the challenge I have with clothes faces every woman: hip to waist ratio. All the pants I buy have gape open in the back such that you can see right down to my undies! I tend to buy pants with an elastic in the back OR that come with a belt (or have a faux belt sewn in. So, adjustability is #1!

Another thing I struggle with, which is size universal, is accessorizing. I am hopeless. A subjec to think about with your new blogging.

cheeky curves said...

Hello Scrapninny,
I agree many Women do not conform to the standard fashion shape, which causes huge frustration; my daughter like you, is the opposite to me, tall with a waist to hip ratio that does not meet the standardised fashion criterion. I on the other hand have a thick waist, large breast and small hips. I make the most of this by wearing skirts that help balance my top to hip ratio.

Good point about accessorizing, although I do give suggestions as to what can be worn with the clothing I list, I will think about how I can incorporate this on my blog.
Your new friend.