Sunday, 2 January 2011

My Blogging Diary

I have never had the inclination to write a diary or a journal, but the blog have enable me to see what I have achieved over the past year and unlike a diary it does not include my whole life, only the bits I choose to share. 1: It would bore you all to bits if I blogged about my every action. 2: There are sections of my life which would be unacceptable to share, some of which would compromise my working role and 3: Well I am sure there is a 3 and more, but I cant think of any right now.

However along the way I have met some great bloggers, and I have appreciated everyone comments, and like good friend, your comments are an inspiration in motivating me to continue blog and show off my creations. I am not stupid, as I know it is not to everyone taste, and the comments reflect the honesty of those who comment.

I have also learnt what HTML is, how to add a photo and text link, yeh is easy now that I know and there is so much more that I have learned, and I hope to learn even more.

Looking at what I have achieved over the year I feel I need to set some goal for 2011, so here goes.

1: I must change the carpet in the hall and the lounge, not sure whether to put carpet or laminate down.

2: Must must build a new shed, the old one has no door and there are gaps between the frame and the windows.

3: I am planning on moving Jobs- need to look seriously this year

4:  Organize my fabric stash

5: Resist the temptation to buy new fabric - no this is not possible, scrap five

5: Make some  new stock for my shop as I am attending several fairs this year

You know something I feel that's enough for now, this leaves room for improvement and change.
I write on here as it is a recording of my intentions, rather bubbles in the wind.  I will be letting you all know if I achieve any or all these goals.

Wishing you all the best for 2011



Lesa said...

Happy New Year! I hope you reach your goals. I tend to set mine too high and then get frustrated, so I decided to do monthly goals instead. I do have 2 goals for the whole year: Read 100 books (I did 80 last year) And not buy vintage costume jewelry....wish me luck.

Sugarplum Kawaii said...

Like the way you decided to scrap no.5 (-;

Happy New Year!

Rosalynn of Chic Boutique Tour said...

Happy New Year. You have very realistic goals, that is a great start!