Friday, 14 October 2011

Managing Doubts and Custom Orders

This dress formed part of my 1950s inspired collection in the summer and recently I received a custom order to make an identical copy for a client. I managed to complete the dress as per the client request, but as I did not have enough fabric to finish the pockets, I used some creative licence and  trimmed the pocket flap with black. I think it worked really well with the print of the dress.  What do you think?
Custom orders are always a challenge as each clients body is individual to the person. There are times when having completed a garment great doubts set in, as the shape is not what I expect of the finished garment,  but once the client has it on, doubts fall away. This customer order was one of those doubtful moments, but thankfully the fit was perfect, and the client was over the moon with the result, so much so, she order has another dress.  Keep a look out I will be posting them here.


Anonymous said...

that dress is adorable! love the fabric and love the cut!! hope your weekend is awesome! xo

jason @ gold work embroidery said...

If she's not happy with that, then there's something wrong with her

*LLUVIA* said...

Love the dress! Love the color!