Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tomorrow is another Day

Today is my birthday and I have received so many good wishes on Facebook, I am touched. This community is so so supportive, bearing in mind we don't even know each other, other than the odd post. The love from these well wisher have made my day.
 I attend an interview today, I so wanted  this job, as it was just right and the money was right. But unfortunately I failed the first test as I had no idea how to work it out. However I felt I did well on the other two test. Coming home I opened my email to find pending post on Facebook, its been a long long time since I have received so many well wishes and it has made my day. As for the interview, well tomorrow is another day.


Thick Threads said...

happy birthday darlin! i hope your day was wonderful today! Dont worry about the job. The right one will come along when it should :)


Bonnie said...

Happy birthday! Sorry I haven't visited in a while. I don't think I understood the last part of your post, are you still have an actual interview coming up?

xo, Bonnie