Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Wedding Fever

Wow my last post was over 2 months ago. You may be wondering why? or maybe not!
Well the past months have been frantic.
1: My job is all consuming, this is due to it being a new project and everyone is crying for blood.
2: I was invited to a friend wedding, which meant having to drop everything to make my wedding outfit. My friend also asked that I be the hairstylist for the day.  The wedding took place on the 20th April, a glorious sunny in South Devon. I will be posting highlights of the day and my dress here later.
3: My sister is also getting married, in May (AHHH!!)  and as the resident dressmaker of the family I have been asked to help my daughter make the wedding dress, she is the designer. Would you believe it we have not started the dress, that's because my sister wants to loose as much weight as possible.

I have however finished my niece dress and I am halfway through my mums dress, now this was a challenge, more about that later. Oh did I mention I have started my dress and I have to help my daughter complete her dress. and I am also the hairstylist for the day, this has involved many trips to London  to style cut and prepare everyone's' hair for the wedding, the great thing about this is the wedding is taking place in Barbados, at least I will get a sun break.

4: I have two rustic waistcoats a clients, one for the groom and the other for the best man, all to be completed by the middle of may as I am due to fly out to Barbados on the 23rd May.

OK back to work. If you are around I will be posting update here or at least I will try.

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