Saturday, 22 May 2010

Rich Mix Fashion is featured in The Fatgirl's Closet

Maureen or Mo invited me to write a lens in fatgirlscloset I am not the most prolific of writers, but I have given it a go and here is the result


Unknown said...

oh i like the green x

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Moe said...

Thanks for participating! I just twittered and facebooked your lens. I see a few tech errors still need to be worked out. Email if you had any problems working on it. Thanks Moe

Gina F. said...

I love the green skirt. Green is my favorite color. Please think of me when making anything GREEN. ((HUGS)) :)


BBM said...

this skirt is soooo pretty! and cant wait to read ure lens!

Unknown said...

thanks for your comment sweetie! looking forward to your next item x

High street + Couture =