Saturday, 21 August 2010

I have Been Featured

This must me my lucky Saturday, two of my skirts have been featured on two Etsy treasures and one Gardenvibe blog

I love this blog hers post are so interesting


~EssenseVibez~ said...

I LOVE IT!!---this outfit is simple and fresh---congratz on the shout-outs!!

Bonnie said...

Well, no wonder you were featured in those blogs, this is a beautiful, summery outfit! The skirt is lovely and the colors so cool. Thanks for directing us to that garden vibe blog it is unique.


Tracie said...

Very pretty skirt! I tried garment sewing for a few months and it was a disaster. You're making me want to give it another go.

Eve said...

You have such an eye for pretty fabrics and great sewing lines.

Congrats! This skirt is fabulous!

Chic Boutique Tour said...

OMG, how exciting! I'm going to take a closer look once I get home.