Sunday, 28 November 2010

First Craft Fair

Sold at Leigh
On Saturday I attended my first craft fair, I survived and it was great. The day before I wished for snow, so that I would have a reason to cancel. On the morning there was no snow, but the car was frosted over, and the streets were clear, heavy sigh! I had no reason to cancel, the ice on the car was easyly scrapped away. There was ample petrol in the car so I turned the ignition on while I loaded my stuff, made it so much easier to scrape the ice off the windscreen, and I had a warm car to start my journey. 

I set off to Leigh teffified yet excited, got lost but I arrived in good time. There was a car park nearby with loads of parking so it was easy to access the community college where the fair was being held. I unloaded my car and hauled my stuff up to the second floor, my excersise for the rest of the month.  I was tucked in a corner between a jewellery and vintage stall. I set about drumming up bussines.

My Stuff
The venue was lovely and warm although outside was near freezing and the other traders was great, very helpful and friendly.  Although I only sold one item, I received numerous compliments about the quality and fisnish of my clothing. I gave out over 200 hundered cards with many visitors asking for custom made items. I am still dizzy with the success.

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