Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Holiday buys

Hand up those of you who have bought a wonderful piece of fabric on your travels, full of good intentions to make something amazing, but once home they get relegated to a bottom draw. Guilty as charged.

 A client was given two pieces of fabric which has been langushing in her bottom draw for years, as she is not a sewer she asked me to make these up. With no real idea of what she wanted, I made these two tunic, making use of design in the fabric which graduates from the hemline getting less intense as it rises to the neckline. I think she plans to wear it with black trousers.


Thick Threads said...

oh geeze, dont even remind me. i have this dress, well actually fabric that i bought to make me a dress over a year ago..its terrible. the fabric is so pretty i dont know why i cant get myself to get it done! you did a great job on these though. i love the red one especially! :)


Brandi said...

The tunics are lovely! I love the fabric, such beautiful patterns!

lawyerdoll said...

Gorgeous, I especially like your graduating of the pattern