Sunday, 3 April 2011

Featuring SewingfromtheHeart on Artfire

This great crafter sells on Artfire and she has an amazing story, read about her below.

Sewing and writing to me is an art. It is relaxing and I enjoy it very much. The things I sew are what I use myself to make things easier, and thought others would like to as well. I was born with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and ADHD. Neither of the diagnoses was made until later in life. I am permanently in a wheel chair and can not walk. If it was not for the proper medications I would not be able to move my fingers or be able to write or sew. God is the reason I have the strength to write and sew and live each day of my life.

Many of my items are one of a kind. My home is pet friendly. My cat Zorro is my bio picture.

One of my focuses is kids, teens, and young adults with disabilities from birth or from injuries due to accidents. There are so many younger people that live with disabilites, myself one of them. I chose fun, bright, bold colors and fabrics for that very reason.


lilgreenshop said...

Inspirational post!

VaL said...

Very inspirational and reminds us how fortunate we are!

GracelineStudio said...

A very great honor to read that you are doing what you love and with relish!! How many people can inspire others as you have? Keep up the excellent work and maybe write a book?

Unknown said...

She's a wonderful person! Very inspirational!