Friday, 26 August 2011

Paying The Bills

I was made redundant at the end of March, Ooooh, I don’t want to even think about it. Although I have been desperately trying to find a job, nothing is coming through. I am awaiting confirmation of a job, but in the mean time I have to find ways of earning, as the bills don’t know what redundancy is.

To keep some money coming in you will have seen some of the custom orders that I have been producing. There is also my Etsy shop in which I sell a range of clothing which I make. I have also been participating in several craft fairs, I will be attending one this Saturday.

Orders from the craft fairs and custom orders keep me very busy. I also love sharing what I have made but unfortunately I don’t always have time to take pictures before the orders get snapped up or items I have made for the craft fairs get sold. I had planned to put the new stuff I make for craft fairs in my Etsy shop and on my website, but this does not alway happen, oh well at least they are selling.

Here is one of the custom orders I made recently and was able to take photos of. I love this dress, like a few of the dresses I made this summer; this has a vintage inspired feel. The dress is fitted to the bodice with the front neckline higher that the back, this is set on a full circle skirt. I think it’s beautiful. What do you think?


Have a great weekend and keep well


Unknown said...

So gorgeous!
I love rose prints :)

Unknown said...


Bonnie said...

What a lovely summery dress. I know about redundancy, we call it getting laid off here. I was redundant for almost two years, jobs, good jobs are hard to come by these days. I have a job now but am not that happy as the pay is not what I would like and it only just pays the bills. Good luck to you!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

That dress is beautiful!

MegansBeadedDesigns said...

best of luck trying to figure out your bills! I know how hard it can be and how seemingly people can just blow you off with sentiments such as, "there are worse problems in the world" and you can feel all alone. I am fortunate to have work (3 jobs currently, in fact) but it's always a struggle, even then, to wade through the mountain of student loan debt and utility payments. Best of luck with your shop and oncoming craft fairs!!!

Vancouver Networking Professionals said...

These days jobs are hard to find, it makes absolute sense for us to be self dependent and use our skills to make up for job.

Michelle said...

It's great when you can use your skill to earn a living, blessings to you!