Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Sold at Wells next the Sea

I attended the Wells next the Sea Carnival Craft on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a pretty lively day, with a quieter day on Sunday. It was a great weekend and the feedback I received was really great, validating the reasons for continuing to work on my craft. 
I sold a few items on Saturday and Sunday, and although I did not make a great deal of money, it was great fun meeting new people and hearing their comments, it’s a really great feeling

Attending craft fairs has not only helped me to market my products but also to gauge my target audience.
 This skirt is one of the items I sold, and is now only available for custom order
This Kaftan was also sold on the day. If you would like one of these kaftan there is a blue kaftan available in my shop, the brown is available for custom order only.

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