Tuesday, 11 September 2012

CraftJuice Tuesday

CraftJuice is a website where individuals post their handmade products. An item can be voted on if it is liked, If an item received 5 or more votes it can be tweeted to CraftJuice followers on tweeter, item with the highest votes are featured in CraftJuice newsletter.

CraftJuice Tuesday encourages bloggers to blog about their favourite finds on CraftJuice.

Here are my finds for Craftjuice Tuesday I hope you like them

Sea Fever bracelet by LittleInsect 

Angel Wings Jewelry Silk Wrap Bracelet by HappyGoLicky 

Beehive shape ceramic decorative piece by madebymanos 

 Metal Wall art - Climbing man Sculpture, wire mesh by nuntchi

SUN & SEA Natural Votive Candles - Hand Poured Palm Wax Votive Candles 

Vintage French Poster Wooden Bread Box by SnapdragonScullery

 Cinnamon Gray frosted floating Candles by CatalinaObando

 Cats handmade paper notebook by Toshik 


lawyerdoll said...

They are all pretty cool- I really like the breadbox!

Sheryl Hastings said...

What fun features! I love the man climbing. It's too cool. Would make a great gift for a man.

Clara Turbay said...

it´s excellent style and new ideas every time.