Sunday, 2 September 2012


CRAFTfest is only on it's second day and the cross promotion from this wonderful community has resulted in a  whopping 21,808 views!  
Plus loads of sales
Here are a few sold items from the community members
If you would like to see more check out the CRAFTfest site

Chakra Suncatcher, Stained Glass Suncatcher, Stained Glass Chakra Decoration, Chakra Window Decoration

Click on the links below to see more wonderful handmade crafts


lu said...

I like the way you've linked the categories.
have you seem the Monday task yet? I've put a link to you blog on mine here

Garreth said...

Having seen the Monday Challenge - you are mentioned!

Have some CraftFEST Luuve!

theoldbutton said...

Morning - great blog thank you. I've added you onto my list

scarlet wolf said...

Sharing the Lurve
I Have mentioned you on my blog here

ColaCreations said...

Hiya! I have included you on my sharing the Lurve blog

Joy @ BeadedBazaar said...

Hiya, its lovely of you to show what's being sold at Craftfest. I've mentioned you in my share the love blog post here :

Sarah Bunney Beadscrumptious said...

Hello this will be my first ever craft fest. I need to have a good read up as to how it all works but I am quite excited. What is the monday challenge? Is there a new one each week? I need to have a proper look today - my Monday challenge!

Sarah xx