Monday, 3 September 2012

Pass on the Craftfest lurve

Pass on the Craftfest lurve

This was passed on to me by LU at Handmade in Keswick , who received a similar award from inkyprints and developed it to suit CRAFTfest 

This is the CRAFTfest 'I love your blog' Award

I am awarding this to MIS PAPELICOS, a fashion blogger,  not your leggy 20 something but a 40 plus fun, free spirited, confident, adventurous and creative lady who is not afraid to experience with different fashion colour and styles.

If you are sent a CRAFTfest 'I Love Your Blog' Award and you would like to Share The Luvre, then have a look at this.

How To Share The Craftfest Lurve

1. Paste our ‘I love Your Blog’ Badge to your page
2. Put a link to the blogger who sent it you
3. Put a link to the blogger you are awarding the Lurve to
4. List some other blogs you like
5. Inform all the bloggers you have mentioned by commenting on their blogs.
6. List ‘How To Share The Craftfest Lurve’
7. Tell us something you’d like to say, or show us something you’d like to sell.
So here are some other blogs I’m in to at the moment

I love 50's fashion which is why I have chosen to show you this dress




Thank you so very much for your lovely words, they mean the world to me.

Mythillogical said...

Thank you! Very kind of you to pass this on to me, and very flattered that you like my blog