Saturday, 20 October 2012

Plus Size Custom Made Dress

For me knowing what style suits a client body is very important, this is developed during the consultation, which can prove very challenging. This client is a size 24Uk with a very full bust and a smaller hip structure, she has never worn skirts or dresses and wanted a change. My brief for this client was to make a dress that she could wear to work and an executive she needed something that would give her the WOW factor without attracting too much attention to her full bust, especially as most of of clients were men. 
Although she came with a style in mind a shift dress in plain fabric, similar to the dress above without the belt and with sleeves. nice, but I felt it would not do her justice, or achieve the look she was aiming to project. After some lengthy discussions and gently persuasion she agreed to having a print. 
To balance the bust and hip ratio I added a plain top to an empire style with a contrasting polka dot print skirt. 

The skirt is made up in panels which allowed me to contour the shape to fit the clients body, for movement there is a slit at the back. Worn with killer red heels and plain navy jacket will give her that WOW factor. I am very pleased with the finished result as is the client. I now have two dresses to make up for her and the great thing is she has taken on board what was discussed in our first consultation and have become a bit more adventurous with colour and fabric. I am not saying much more now, but will post these once I have completed them. 
Have a great weekend


Audrey said...

elle est superbe cette robe !

cheeky rose said...

Thank you Audrey

lawyerdoll said...

I like how you took her figure concerns into your thought process, and steered her toward a more flattering course.

I really wish we could see these on your clients... if they don't want to be seen, couldn't there just be headless shots like Veshoevius?

Sacramento Amate said...

So clever, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

cheeky rose said...

lawyerdoll, I would love to show clients dressed in these makes, but unfortunately they're are very reluctant, and to maintain their locality and trust I tend not to push.