Tuesday, 2 October 2012

SOLD on October !st

October the first was my first day in my new job. First day at work can be very daunting, but my day started really well. After washing, dressing and have my first cup of caffeine for the day and still having plenty of time to spare. I turned on my laptop and access my email, I was met with a welcome surprise. I had sold two cushion covers from my Etsy shop.

What a way to start my day.. The cushion covers was purchased by a customer in lovely CA USA.
I can only thank her for making my first day at work so pleasant.

The cushion cover was a trial and I am so pleased I made this move, this purchase has give me the confidence, so here are a few of my recent makes.

Laura Ashley Summer Rose' in Chalk Pink Cushion Cover 

My day at work, well, it couldn't have been better, it started with a smile, everyone was really friendly and relaxed. It's early days at the moment, I am still going through the induction as this is a new project, I am still working with my manager on the practical and organisation needed to put the project into action, so it is all paperwork at the moment.


Bring Pretty Back said...

Congratulations on your new job! How exciting!
The pillows are beautiful!
I agmire your pretty talent!
Have a pretty day!

Arty said...

They're gorgeous Rose! And photographed nicely. Congrats.

Veshoevius said...

I love these cushion covers - especially the one with tulips second to last.

lawyerdoll said...

Congrats on the job, and the sale!