Friday, 30 November 2012

101 in 1001 Update

Not wanting to bore you with my antics of accomplishing my 101 in 1001 goal, I have not updated too often. But as it has been a while since I reviewed this I thought it would be good to check and document how far I have got.
You may already know I have a job and I am thoroughly enjoying it

This also means my goal to increase my income by £1000.00 is achieved. It involves a great deal of walking almost every day, the weight is falling off, great as my sister is getting married in the spring, so I will hopefully look trim healthy for the day.
The new job requires a great deal of reading, not only policies, but learning manual and process for helping clients, never a day goes by without me having to read through a manual to get a better understanding of how best to help the clients, great learning curve.
My brother has been ill, so inadvertently I have seen and spoken to my brothers and sisters more often than normal and more than I had aimed to do in my goal. By the way he is on the mend. I am still visiting as he needs his paper work sorted.
My mum is local to my work and to my brother so I see her at least once a week but often it's more. Also sourced new kitchen for my mum and project managed the installation and decorated her lounge and hall way  so was around for quite a bit with her

Pictures of work in progress, I will try and post the finished project sometime - no promises 

I have noticed that my house has the least progress, so this is going to be my priority for the next couple of months.

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lawyerdoll said...

Sounds like you have been happily busy! I'm glad your brother is on the mend, and you are getting a real sense of accomplishment in your life. Keep it up!