Friday, 2 November 2012

:Yet Another Sale

I have yet another sale, the cushion above was one of the first cushion covers I made and I am so thrilled I have now sold 3 of these cushion cover. 

The above photo was sent to me from the customer who bought the cushion cover, this shows the cushion cover in place on her sofa.  

You can see more of these cushion covers in my online Cheeky Rose Studio shop and my etsy shop


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your sale, that is super news and it is always so fulfilling when someone loves our creations. Here's to many more sales and success. Wishing you well. :) Stopping by from Etsy ~ Beautiful cushions

lawyerdoll said...

Congratulations! They don't go with my things, but they are very nice

Giancarlo said...

Un felice week end per te...ciao