Friday, 27 July 2012

CRAFTfest Week 1st to 8th September

I have joined this wonderful team of crafters hosting a CRAFTfest event from 1st to 8th September  at Creative Connections
CRAFTfest is an virtual online fair, which present an ideal opportunity for you to show off your beautiful creations without having to lug your product around with you or being rained on. Being part of this wonderful group will give your an opportunity to connect with a host of new new on line friends helping you to promote your creations within CRAFTfest week, and you will also be helping others members promote their goods.
As a buyer this will present an ideal opportunity for you to browse through an exciting range of quality handmade products from the comfort of your armchair.
During CRAFTfest week sellers will participate in showcasing their goods through an interactive album and through different social networking sites. 
If you are interested in creating a stall and would like to participate in CRAFTfest, check out the CRAFTfest site. There is a joining fee of £5.00 with load of support from the team leaders and no commission on sale. 
Above is just a small sample of what you will expect to see during CRAFTfest week

CRAFTfest week presents a great opportunity for you to connect with people and gain maximum exposure.
1st to 8th SEPTEMBER


Ellorias Boutique said...

A lovely blog post about a fantastic event!

Giancarlo said...

Sono eventi sempre belli ed interessanti!! Felice fine settimana a te...ciao

ColaCreations said...

I agree with Ellorias! Super post which I have just Tweeted!

Personal Space Interiors said...

Great post Rose - bring on the CRAFTfest!

Loutul said...

Great blog post - really looking forward to this event.