Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Challenge 101 Goals in 1001 Days

Over the past year my life seems to be drifting, after much soul search I find there are things I have started and never completed and there are things I have wanted to do but never started. So I have derided it is time to bring some focus into my life, and I am taking the day to day challenge of 101 goals in 1001 day.Unlike the New Year gaols 101 in 1001 is base on 2 years 8months 26 days, yes I know its sounds completely random, but that's the beauty of this time frame but:-
  • It gives me time to achieve each goals and beat procrastinations
  • it helps me to be accountable and prioritise my time 
  • It helps me to develop my talents and grow as a person
  • It helps me to develop my relationship with my friends, family and community
Coming up with 101 gaols has not been easy, this has been achieved through checking out the list generator on Zero One website and other members who have taken or are taking the 101 in 1001 challenge. Writing down my goals made them more tangible and sharing them with you and others on Zero one website instills a sense of accountability and hopefully will help motivate me. Some things on my list may seem rival and others may seem out of reach, but none are unrealistic, each goal poses a challenge in staying the course, if it were all easy it would be no challenge or fun

I have tried to categorised the list and will post a blog of some of the goals I have achieved. Do come along for the ride, I will need your support, your encouragement and your comments. 

Start date  - July 29 2012
End date -  April 26 2015
1001 days equals to 
2years 8monts and 26 days
almost 33 months
just over 143 weeks

  1. Make a list of goals I want to accomplish in 1001 days
  2. Add a page to my blog to monitor my 101 in 1001 challenge
  3. Review goals each week
  4.  Read the bible in a year
  5. Cultivate and protect my life with God
  6. Read one books per month for 30 months
  7. Read one psychology book
  8. Read one classic 
  9. Set up Skye to speak to my daughter 
  10. Get a proper bar fitting from a proper lingerie store
  11. Finish 3 of my sewing projects
  12. Try and save at least £1000. in a year
  13. See at least one theatre show in a year
  14. Go to bed early every single day for one week
  15. Have dinner by myself in a nice restaurant 
  16. No eating after 8pm for one entire month
  17. De-clutter my wardrobe 
  18. Get all my good boots shoes heeled and repaired
  19. Take all my winter coats and clothes to the cleaners
  20. Get a family photo taken
  21. Make at least 5 dresses for me not skirts
  22. Treat myself to a massage/manicure, pedicure 
  23. Take an interior design class
  24. Learn new photography techniques to take better photos for my blog and website
  25. Learn how to use Photoshop
  26. Apply for one job application per week until I get a new job
  27. Increase client to my on-line and custom sales business
  28. Increase income to at least £1000.00 by the end of this year to be self sufficient and not reliant on family 
  29. Complete a wholesale time sheet
  30. Promote my freelance business separate from my on-line and custom sales business
  31. Increase clients to my therapy business
  32. create spreadsheet for my business expenses and income
  33. Create a budget and track my spending
  34. Maintain at least 30 listing in my on line shop every month
  35. Order business cards for my dressmaking business
  36.                                                           Order business cards for my on line business
  37. Get a decent battery for my laptop
  38. Buy a hard drive to back up my files
  39. Get my blog contents up to once a week for 3 months
  40. Learn to use SEO to optimise my blog and on line website
  41. Learn enough HTML to make small change to my site on my own
  42. Put at least one video on You Tube this year
  43. Collaborate even in the smallest way with a brand I love
  44. Organise the blogs I read into a reader
  45. Participate in an on-line challenge
  46. Create a data base for all my contacts
  47. Host 2 give away on my blog
  48. Document and post a tutorial on my blog
  49.                                              Help a friend solve a problem
  50. Visit my mother once a fortnight to help with the housekeeping
  51. Call my mother at least once a week
  52. Once a month hang with a friend
  53. Have a meal out with both my kids together, does not include Christmas or other special occasions 
  54. Host a party inviting old friends
  55. Email or call my brothers and sisters once a month x5
  56. Compliment a stranger once a month - does not include a client during work
  57. Donate money to a charitable cause
  58. Volunteer for a charity or Samaritans
  59. Participate in a support event
  60.                                                                       Buy fresh flowers at least twice a month for the house
  61. Clear all the cluttered / junk in the house 
  62. Throw or give away said junk
  63. Re-organise my craft room to be a place of inspiration
  64. Decorate hall and lounge
  65. Buy and get laminate flooring laid in hall and lounge
  66. Decorate kitchen
  67. Replace nets in house with vertical blinds
  68. Make curtain for bedroom (fabric has been there for 2 years)
  69. Buy and make new curtains for lounge
  70. Buy and replace broken fence panel in garden
  71. Maintain garden regularly
  72. Buy and get installed new shed 
  73. Paint shed and garden chair
  74. Paint fence around garden 
  75. Get oven repair
  76. Make covering for lounge arm chairs
  77. Do all ironing and keep up for a month (ouch)
  78. Construct a workable housekeeping plan and keep to it for 4 weeks  
  79. Ride in a hot air balloon
  80. Go to a book store and leave a note in a random book for the new owner
  81. Visit an art gallery or museum
  82. Grow own herbs in pots
  83. Go on a great date
  84. Go to an auction
  85. Visit an antique fair
  86. Go to a musical 
  87. Have a beach day
  88.                                                               Try a new recipe once a month
  89. Exercise at least 3 times a week for 4 weeks
  90. Cook and eat homemade meals every day for one week
  91. Take my iron tablets regularly
  92. take a dance class
  93. Try palitaes 
  94. During pleasant weather take a brisk walk for 2 miles once a week
  95. Juice at least once a week
  96. Get a medical health check
  97.                                                           Take a trip to at least 3 cities I have never been to before
  98. Visit Ireland
  99. Save to visit a good friend in Jamaica
  100. Take a boat or canal ride
  101.                                          Review completed goals donate £2,00 for each uncompleted goal or share a good bottle of champange with friends as a reward for competing the 101 in 1001 goal challenge 


ColaCreations said...

Love the idea of the challenge, and love some of your goals on there!
I look forward to the post when you tell us you acheived all 101 goals! xx

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I need to start a list like this!

Giancarlo said...

felice fine settimana a te...ciao