Friday, 6 July 2012

How to Hide Your Blogger Navigation Bar

I changed the look of my blog today and I have also hidden the navigation bar at the top of the blog. I know there are some good reasons for keeping the Navbar, as it is allows bloggers to follow me easily, also it provides easy access for signing, access to my dashboard and design templates. Removing the navbar has I feel given a cleaner look to my blog.

There are several ways of achieving this which includes adding CSS into your HMLT. But Google has made it relatively pain free or those of us who are not computer whizzes. If you would like to have a go, all you need to do is:

Once you have logged in 
Go to Blog Overview --then to Layout----
Click on Edit Navbar - A pop up will appear and you will be shown 6 Navbar Design, see picture below.
From there you can choose a navbar which compliments your blog of simply 
Click on the last option, the Off button then Save and your Navbar will disappear.
If you change you mind, simply go back and click on the navbar which suits your taste.

How painless was that.

Navbar Configuration

Save `

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